Welcome To Carlin's Goldens

We are located on 40 acres in Livingson, Tennessee. We are a small kennel.  We currently have six adult Goldens and a one year old Golden.  Although we have an indoor/outdoor kennel our Goldens spend most of their time with us in our home.  2019 was a sad year for us as we lost the Matriarch of our Golden family, Reggie Swiss. She was born in Clearwater, Florida and was raised by her grandfather, Colby. We currently have Reggie's son, Cabot, from her first litter who is 8, Celina Brie, age 6 who just had her third and final litter on November 2, 2018.  Cheddar is now 6 and had her first litter in 2017 and just had her third and final litter in June 2019.  Although we do not show our Goldens they were bred from show dogs and are bred to show dogs.  We always complete all OFA certifications on our dogs and adhere to the highest standards during the breeding process. We are members of the Golden Retriever Club of America and all of our Goldens and their litters are registered with AKC.

       Celina Brie at 8 months Old 

Terri and Eddie Hoag began breeding Golden Retriever's in Clearwater, Florida in 2012.  Terri owned and operated a pet sitting business and met, cared for and later purchased her first Golden from Ingot Goldens.  Colby was a wonderful therapy dog and went to work with Terri in nursing homes and in her private practice. Terri has been a Licensed Clinical Social Worker for 30 years and is a Certified Pet Therapy Dog Handler.

Above is Cheddar in a rare calm moment. On the right is Reggie Swiss. We miss her sweet, sweet face. Reggie was Mother to Cabot and Celina Brie. Reggie was born September 12, 2009. Colby was Reggie's grandpa and he raised her well!

 Colby age 11. Gone but Never Forgotten 

Reggie wants to go explore the wild life